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Adventurous Hunter? Don't Miss The Hai Van Pass

Honored to be voted for "Top 10 most beautiful coastal roads in the world" by the Guardian, Hai Van Pass always makes people passionate about exploring harsh roads.

Honored to be voted for "Top 10 most beautiful coastal roads in the world" by the Guardian, Hai Van Pass always makes people passionate about exploring harsh roads.

Hai Van Pass is 20 km away from Da Nang city and 80 km away from Hue city. The mountain pass is located on the mountain that reaches the sea of ​​Bach Ma, links Thua Thien Hue province and Da Nang city.  The pass is 500m far from the sea level and about 20km long – is a great challenge when you hear it, right? Challenge accepted?

The name and history of the name Hai Van Pass

The name "Hai Van" is set by people because it has beautiful scenery, the white clouds surround at the top of the pass all year, at the foot of the pass is the sea that prolonged all the way to the horizon. It is also known as May Pass (“May” means “Cloud”) or Ai Van Pass because there is a gate at the top of the pass.

According to history books, Hai Van Pass was the boundary between Dai Viet and Champa. Later when the Ho family went to fight Champa, the king of Chiem cut the land to reconcile. Since then, Hai Van Pass belongs to Dai Ngu – which is Vietnam today.

Conquer Hai Van Pass - the most beautiful and adventurous road in Vietnam

The Hai Van Pass road is meandering, twisted like it’s challenging every cyclist. Adventurous people will interested in this adventurous road, with majestic mountains by your side under the cool blue sea create magnificent scenery, deserved the phrase “Thien ha de nhat hung quan” that the Legend - King Le Thanh Tong conferred during a trip on the top of the pass (in 1470). The road when winding along the mountain capturing the hearts of those who love new things, that is difficult for adventurous cyclists to ignore.

Being referred as the most dangerous road in Vietnam, coming here, you will have the feeling that nowhere else has. When starting your journey at the foot of the pass, you will extremely excited. Slowly riding and you will be thrilled and get a little nervous when you enter this meandering road.

After that, cyclists will love when going to the top of the pass, they will see the natural scenery that makes everyone surprised. Behold the beautiful and mysterious Bach Ma Mountains in the mist, the North-South train line carries the warmth of the journeys and the blue sea waves that touch the horizon.

Look at the beautiful scenery at the top of the Pass

Lang Co Bay, Da Nang City, Cu Lao Cham, Tien Sa Port and Son Tra Peninsula - the beautiful scenes of this land all appear in your view. What can be more astonishing?

When you go down. Once again you will be nervous because of the danger of the path but you will enjoy the freedom, the happiness that you have conquered the Hai Van Pass, you had your footprints on this beautiful coastal road. Legendary!

Being an adventurous hunter, you cannot miss this beautiful Hai Van Pass, to conquer this meandering and dangerous pass is one of the best feelings you should try someday.

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