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Private Day Cycling In Hue With Dragon Boat Trip

Hue is the dreamy, heavenly place of Vietnam that has been attracting millions of tourists from all over the world. Join Vietnam Travel Group’s amazing cycling tour in Hue with the dragon boat to have the most healthy and wonderful experience in Vietnam!

Why should you cycle to Hue, Vietnam?

Hue is a national-level city of Vietnam and was once a feudal capital of Vietnam under the Nguyen dynasty (1802 - 1945). Currently, the city is the center of many aspects of the Central region such as culture, politics, health, education, tourism, science... The prominent places are the Huong River and the legacy of Feudal dynasty.

Hue – the ancient city of Vietnam - has always been associated with the dreamy, heavenly feelings of the ancient land, though now it has become one of the central cities of Vietnam. If you suddenly want to leave the noisy town, immediately choose a traveling tour to Hue to experience the magnificent life rhythm on each street.

Private Hue cycling tour with dragon boat

Hue is famous for its ancient beauty

Hue not only has ancient relics. Being the center of the central strip of land, Thua Thien - Hue province in particular and Hue city in general, the city is favored by nature when lying in the middle of the many beautiful scenes of the sea, rivers, mountains, passes... What are you waiting for, why don’t you give yourself a Hue travel experience band start dreaming of a peaceful walk, without any haste, slowly enjoying the beauty of the land of the past?

Private Hue cycling tour with dragon boat

Cycling to Hue will be an unforgettable experience

Located in the transition zone between the South and the North, the weather in Hue is a combination of both regions, reducing the harsh part and also quite moderate. The rainy season in Hue starts from May and lasts until November, the peak time of the storms and floods, so it is necessary to monitor the weather before making the trip. Although Hue does not have a clear winter like the Northern provinces, the temperature is not high, it may be lower than 10 degrees.

How will you cycle to Hue with a dragon boat?

One interesting way to discover many other charming of Hue ancient capital is to make a cycling trip around the countryside. Spending one day on a bike by yourself, a guide will take you to the rural to admire and enjoy interesting scenes and local life. You will also enjoy the relaxing ride along the Perfume River on the Dragon Boat Trip.

In order to have the fullest experience in Hue, you will start your journey from the early morning. We guarantee you the best day of your life in Vietnam.

Private Hue cycling tour with dragon boat

Tourists enjoying the cycle tour to Hue, Vietnam

Firstly, the friendly English-speaking guide from Vietnam Travel Group will see you at your hotel at 08:00 AM, and transfer to Toa Kham Boat Station. We will then take a Dragon Boat Trip on the romantically named Perfume River and visit Hue's best-known religious site, the Thien Mu Pagoda.

You shall spend another 10 minutes by boat and we will disembark and cycle to Tiger Arena and Trumpeting Elephant. Then you can keep cycling to Emperor Tu Duc’s Tomb, one of the most beautifully designed complexes among the tombs of the Nguyen dynasty.

Private Hue cycling tour with dragon boat

The ancient Thien Mu Pagoda

Then you and the group shall visit some traditional Incense village where you may try to make some incense by yourselves. This will be followed by lunch at a lovely Vietnamese restaurant.

After lunch, you can continue cycling to Khai Dinh Tomb along the river with fabulous countryside roads. These are the most interesting and unique cycling roads in Hue city. After visiting Khai Dinh Tomb we will cycle back to the city. The tour will end at our hotel around 17:00 PM.

Book the cycling tour in Hue for a day right now!

If you are already excited with our cycling tour in Hue, don’t be hesitate to book a tour for yourself and your loved ones with us. Before confirming the booking, please make sure to throughout reading all the policies of the tour, such as the cancellation policy, the refund policy or the confirmation policy. For detailed information, visit vietnamtravelgroup.com or simply contact us.

Vietnam Travel Group is thrilled to be able to serve you with the best quality vacation in Hue, Vietnam. We wish you a good day and a sweet holiday in our beautiful S-shaped country.


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