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How to cross the road in Hanoi

Crossing the road in Hanoi is not the same as crossing the road anywhere else. There are some tips for safe passage on the streets of Hanoi.


1. Please do not just waiting for about more than 02 walking signals before stepping your foot to cross the road as you may be impatient waiting for few signals more and still could not go over as the local people still keep going even there is walking signal.

2. Observe the coming vehicles to estimate their movements before you go. Once you go, keep going straight and go steadily across the street. The biker/car drivers would automatically avoid going into you.

3. Do not look back, turn to the left/right and or reluctantly stop in the middle of the road which causes difficulty for the drivers to understand your direction and intention.

4. If you cross road in group, the whole group should be close to each other to reduce road block. Holding hands could help to prevent the group being divided by the coming vehicles.

5. Hand-signaling is more useful to pave the way for pedestrians than zebra-crossing in Vietnam.

6. If there is empty space, take the chance by speeding up quickly.